If you wear contacts then chances are you’ve had a lenses get stuck in your eye before. It’s a pain but it isn’t a crisis, there’s no reason to panic. Nothing really happens. First things first, let’s dispel an old wives tale. It’s impossible for a contact lens to get stuck behind your eye. This myth started because a contact can fold up under you eye lid and be difficult to find. Don’t worry it’s there. If you just roll your eyes and look side to side eventually you will see the lens and be able to remove it.

If the lends is physically stuck in place it’s probably from dryness. Don’t try to just pluck it off your eyeball. Instead use some saline solution or artificial tears to lubricate your eye first. The lens will hydrate and come out easily.

If a contact lens has folded up inside your eye then you’ll have to manipulate it to get it out. The first thing you can try is pinching your eyelid and move your eyes from side to side. This should work the lens down where you can grab it between your fingers to remove it.

If all this fails then you’ll need to take a trip to your eye doctor so it can be removed. It’s not going to hurt you to leave the lens in overnight.  Your eye might be a little irritated but it’s not damaging. The only time you have to worry about damaging your eye is if you just ignore the problem and leave the lens in place. Bacteria can breed and damage your eye in this scenario. 

What happens if your contact lens gets stuck in your eye? Not much, you’ll feel a little discomfort and you’ll need to eventually remove the lens. These few tips should help solve the problem

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